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British Suzuki Gala

 April 2023

 Performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England

Seven piano students (Adelaide Chan, Antoine Luong, Audrey Luong, Gustav Singel, Lance Molina, Leo Chen, & Zoe Hao-Teplinsky) performed at the British Suzuki Gala on April 9th, 2023.

The concert was held at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London, UK, and featured over 1200 young musicians from 31 countries.  Darja Koehler, their piano teacher, offered her students the opportunity to share their skills on an international scale and successfully prepared them for both audition and performance.  With the Suzuki Method, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki sought to create a better and more peaceful world through the love of music instilled in children at an early age.  His wish was fulfilled by the exceptional musicians at the second-ever British Suzuki Gala as they performed and shared their artistic abilities with the audience.  The magnitude and impact of the event will remain unforgettable for both musicians and audiences alike.

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