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2019 -2020 COMPETITIONS:

Global Online Great Composer Competition, The Art of Piano (5th Edition, 2020)

Age Group I, 2nd prize: Antione Luong

Global Online Great Composer Competition, Best Bach Performance (3rd Edition, 2019)

Age Group II, 2nd prize: Adelaide Chan

Global Online Great Composer Competition, Artist of the Year (3rd Edition, 2019)

Age Group II, 2nd prize: Adelaide Chan

MTAC Sonata Competition: (total of 9 students) Nov 2019

1st place: Leo Chen, Jian Lee, one more student

2nd place: Natalia Kirsch, Gustav Singel, Elias R., Audrey Luong

3rd place: Adelaide Chan 

Blue Ribbon: Jonathan Dong


4th place: Adelaide Chan

Baroque Festival - MTAC - Feb 2020

1st prize: Gustav Singel

Concert Festival  International Competition/Carnegie Hall  - March 2020

Winners of the Concert Festival International Competitions that were supposed to perform at the Carnegie Hall in New York, were:

Adelaide Chan , Gustav Singel and Jonathan Dong.

British Suzuki Gala 2020 at the Royal Albert Hall in London – March 2020

a celebration and showcase of the International Suzuki community from across the UK and Europe. The week and its exciting series of events is the second time we have hosted such an event in the UK. A thousand people concert.

Auditioning students/ all accepted:

Natalia Kirsch 

Gustav Singel

Jonathan Dong

Adelaide Chan

Leo Chen

and one more student

Global Online Great Composer Competition, The Art of Piano (5th Edition, 2020): Nov 2020

Age Group I, 2nd prize: Antoine Luong